Ssg special – The Village Orchestra (TVO)

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TVO, Betreiber von Broken20 mixt für mnml ssgs einen großartigen Nachtflug zusammen.

„He has put together a 2 hour journey that traverses a wide range of sounds and styles, and does so in a way that the mix never quite settles, it is always on the move.“

Wer mehr Argumente braucht, hier die ….

…. Tracklist

Jesus Jones – Zeroes and Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction # 2 Mix)
Tropic Of Cancer – A Color
Production Unit – Broken 20.4
Radiohead – The Butcher
TVO – PPS edit
Steve Reich – Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ
Sandwell District – Speed and Sound (Regis Z-ARTS Lab version)
Kangding Ray – Idle
Cyclo – Id#01
Spatial – 70810
Stamp Release – Russia
Objekt – The Goose That Got Away
Isodyne – Sentinel (TVO ChopCaressa extended edit)
T. Williams – Heartbeat (Instrumental)
Zomby – Tarantula
Kode 9 – Black Sun (feat Cha Cha)
2562 – Greyscale
Marc Leclair – 205e Jour
Szare – Volya
0 – Ensimmainen Valo
TVO – BC7/Abney Park Scrying
Sandwell Distroct – Grey Cut Out (version)
Perc – You Saw Me
Konx-Om-Pax – Total Protonic Reversal
Coil – Is Suicide A Solution?
Accrual – Travail
Popol Vuh – Nachts Schnee (Mika Vanio remix)
Oren Ambarchi – Fever, A Warm Poison
Labradford – The Cipher
The Caretaker – Past Life Regression
Surgeon – Returning To The Purity Of Current part 2
Arovane – Nonlin.R
Arovane – Tascel 7
Contakt – Not Forgotten (Rolando’s VNO remix)
Isodyne – Answer To No One
Isodyne – Hard Rain (dub)
2562 – Aquatic Family Affair
Matthew Herbert – Oliver Bauer
Mike Dehnert – Moment
Cosmin TRG – Izolat
Shifted – Structure
Rose and Sandy – Play Cat’s Cradle
Lucy – Lav
Emptyset – Altogether Lost (Ben Klock’s Glowing Pad remix)
Paul Mac – Soundslike A2
Jeff Derringer – Exit Sound (Milton Bradley remix)
Shifted – Drifting Over
Tim Hecker – No Drums
Robert Hood – Who Taught You Math Alive
Mike Parker – Ringing Bass
LJ Kruzer – Ter4

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