Badun – Tandoori Tentacle EP

„Many times the borderlands between jazz and electronica have been explored but too often the two styles doesn’t seem to melt. Danish trio consisting of Aske Krammer, Oliver Duckert and Brian Møller has been working in this particular area for almost a decade by now. This long practice was easily heard on the bands debut as it was released in the early spring of 2007. The album titled S.T. was an experimental fusion of acoustic instruments and textures of rhythmic complexity. It was a demanding but rewarding experience. Now two years later Badun is ready with the follow-up to the debut. The album titled „Tandoori tentacle“ stays in the avantgarde approach to jazz/electronica. The album contains four pieces that generally floats in nocturnal sound spheres. As was the case with the previous effort the compositions of the three members are extremely organic. Multi-layered breakbeat textures swirls in nocturnal soundscapes of acoustic instruments where first of all guitar and electric piano plays an important role. Despite its hypercomplex and futurist nature integrating elements of fusion jazz, breakbeat science and cinematic ambience, the music has an interesting retrospective 70’s character drawing association towards the dramatic soundtracks of Lalo Schifrin. This „hard-to-categorize“ and unpredictable nature is what makes this ep such an alluring experience!“

… 4 sehr nette tracks. hier ‚cola jeff‘ und ’swup‘ zum probehören.

cola jeff by Badun

swup by Badun

Wem’s gefällt sollte auch die zwei Alben ‚Badun‘ (2007) und ‚Last Night Sleep‘ (2009) checken.

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