Entschleuniging #65: Silent Season – Morning Wanderer (Ambient Mix)

Durch die Nacht mit ‚Morning Wanderer‘ auf den Kopfhörern.

Eine Ambientreise in den Morgen beginnt.

„Recorded with the sunrise early one morning in August, 2013.“

„Quite beautiful. Feel like I’m somewhere in my past, walking among scattered leaves, breathing in the death of summer, with someone warm. „

01. AXS – The Dusk Glade 

02. Mind Over Midi – Way The River Flows

03. Purl – Oceanima

04. ASC – Silver Rain On Venus

05. Quantec – Unknown

06. Quantec – Stay Up All Night

07. Sowing Paranoia – Ambient 1

08. Djorvin Clain – Structured Signature

09. ASC – So Many Questions

10. ASC – Washed Away Over Time

11. ASC – Prayers For Abandoned Cosmonauts

12. Mind Over Midi – Soften By Rainfall

13. Mind Over Midi – In The Shades

Direktdownload: Silent Season – Morning Wanderer (Ambient Mix)

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