Cylob Live on Kando FM 2003

Eine ordentliche Elektro Braindance Klatsche mit Breaks aus dem Jahre 2003 von Cylob. Für Bodyshaker und die, die es noch werden wollen.

„A few tracks in this mix are played incorrectly on purpose at 45 rpm (and sound better actually), the Standing Ovation track and the Jam & Spoon stand out.

Another interesting note about this mix is that one of these tracks was leaked as an Analord track by AFX before the series started (sounded like a live bootleg). There’s a lot of mystery around this track, sounds like an early AFX track, although Cylob claims (and actually told me in person) this is a nameless white label he found in a record shop. It’s also been posted on youtube as „Squarepusher Unreleased track“. Shame it will never see a wider release. „

Cylob Live on Kando FM 2003 | Direktdownload

Cylob Live on Kando FM 2003 | Percussion Lab


RRR Records: 500 lock grooves
Ceephax Acid Crew – Swab Funk
Tribal Rhythm (Frankie Bones) – I Won’t Stop (Acieed!)
808 State- Flow Coma (AFX Remix)
Adrenalin M.O.D. – Track This
Seymour Bits – Hit Me With Technology
House Of Brakes – Boing
Standing Ovation – Shadows Of Mayhem (vocal mix)
Markone – Raindance
Cylobotnia – Got My Pass
Complex (Orlando Voorn) – Dreamworld
Cylob – Smash Up The Pram
„Acid White Label“
RRR Records: 500 lock grooves
„Acid White Label“
Amen Andrews – Amental
Jam & Spoon – Keep On Movin‘
Like A Tim – Housegirl, Homeboy
Jeff Mills – Changes Of Life
Aux88 – I Like To Freak
Bogdan Raczynski – I Will Eat Your Children Too B1
AFX – Mangle 11
Butler Kiev – Rewind Selecta

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