Logorama: Unser Konsum ist unser Untergang


Logorama, ein animierter Kurzfilm vom französischen H5 Design Kollektiv ist für einen Oscar nominiert und hat sich diesen Preis der Preise aufgrund seiner witzigen Kritik am überbordenden Kommerz und Konsum redlich verdient.

Disembedded der Betreiber des Kuriositätenblogs Et Cetera schreibt dazu:

"The film takes the viewer on an entertaining, violent, profane, action-packed caper set in a world comprised entirely of well-known corporate logos and iconic mascots. How familiar are the stars of this film? Well, an evil Ronald McDonald embarks upon a shooting spree on a street overflowing with 7-Elevens, U-Haul trucks, Wal-Marts and Pizza Huts. The Michelin Men are bumbling, foul-mouthed cops on his trail, and Bob’s Big Boy picks his nose and flings it on an unsuspecting victim.

But make no mistake, Logorama is a cleverly executed critique of our times. Our world is fueled with the signatures of commerce and consumption, where everyday symbols are imprinted in our collective memories, nagging away on the subconscious, hand in pocket and ready to draw money from our wallets. It is within this context that H5 go far beyond a simple exercise in artistic defiance. This is the beauty of their work: they transgress the graphic codes of our everyday experience. They place them within a completely different context, which sufficiently sparks considerable food for thought."

[Dank an Steffen für den Tipp]

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