Night Tracks #48: Forss – Journeyman (Johnn Ripper Edit)

„This trip is very different than any I’ve been on before
I wish I could transmit this experience through American urban radio and whore-house shopping malls
To Wall Street executives and stay-at-home moms in the Bible belt
Just to say hey look at the world and get off your block
Pick up a book
Stop watching the clock
There is so much more to learn than
Trades and monolingual grades
To be sure
This ride is special
This countryside is ancient
And many of these things I do not understand
But I feel like I’ve been here before
This ride, the thoughts that come with it
Tell me to cherish life now because the only real gift given to you is the present
The only real gift given to you is right now…“

Die ambienten Remixe von Morgendis und Steve Heaps sind ebenfalls sehr zu empfehlen.

Original & weitere Remixes:
Direktlink: Forss – Journeyman
Direktlink: Forss – Journeyman (Morgendis Remix)
Direktlink: Forss – Journeyman (Steve Heaps remix)

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