„Juke is like party music. Footwork is like nightmare music.“

What is the difference between juke and footwork for those who might not know?

Well they sound different. [laughs] They are both sort of around 160 beats per minute. Although certain footwork producers go up to like 180. Juke has a 4/4 kick like in house music, pretty much like fast ghetto house from Chicago. But the footwork, they got rid of the kick drum, the beats are more like half-speed beats and just sub-bass pulse. No kick drum really. Sometimes just a slow 808, very rarely with a kick drum, or just at the beginning of the bar. It’s pretty much weightless music. It’s completely different than juke, the same difference between garage and dubstep, really. Footwork has a totally different vibe to juke. Juke is like party music. Footwork is like nightmare music. But still, when you play it loud enough at a club, you can dance to it as well. Really dance. To me, anyway.

Mike Paradinas – Planet µ-Ziq | Resident Advisor

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