Information Scientist – Summer Dubs Redubbed

Mixing teilweise chaotisch, Trackauswahl super, mehr bleibt da nicht zu sagen.

Information Scientist – Summer Dubs Redubbed


rhythm & sound w/ cornel campbell – king in my empire
pulshar – dub by the river (soultourist re-dub)
pulshar – kms (pablo bolivar space edit)
king tubby – psalms of drums
u-roy and francois kevorkian – rootsman
lee perry w/ dubblestandart & Ari Up – I do voodoo (Rob Smith RMX)
seven – drop
scuba – volt
ramadanman – revenue (untold remix)
millie & andrea – vigilance
brackles & shortstuff – broken harp (geiomix)
RSD – on deck
RSD – accepted
peak – darksuite (soultourist remix)
jus-ed – some new shit 2 dub
marco bernardi – mystery of nazerus (redshape late bite mix)
black jazz consoritum – what’s up with the love
fred everything featuring wayne tennant – mercyless (atjazz floor dub)
iz & diz – what we need (freaks voodoo speakeasy)
john daly – this is a lonely beat
kerry chandler – pong (ben klock’s bones & strings dub)
kez ym – a cup of ocean
liapin – mandin (original reflections)
manuel tur featuring alexander east – will be mine (ian pooley remix)
manuel tur & dplay – mild pitch
martin brodin – deep shit
appleblim & ramadanman – sous le sable
martyn – for lost relatives
pearson sound – indelible
martyn – electric puring
above smoke – save us
linkwood family – miles away intrusion sunset dub
linkwood family – miles away (intrusion sunrise dub)
bvdub – tears for a fallen empire

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