XLR8R Podcast 199: Rod Modell’s MUTEK Mix

„Detroit techno veteran Rod Modell, best known for his work as Deepchord and as one half of Echospace with Steve Hitchell. Deepchord presents Echospace will be performing live as part of MUTEK’s Nocturne 03 event—a party that also features a live set from Plastikman—and Modell has put together a preview of sorts with this exclusive mix, a session of dark and dubby techno that digs heavily into his own catalog. „

XLR8R Podcast 199: Rod Modell’s MUTEK Mix | via kfmw

[deepchord, dubtecho, clubset, 60min]


01 Steve Roach “Groundswell” (Fortuna)
02 Studio 1 “Rosa” (Studio 1)
03 Sustainer “Múltiplo” (Italic)
04 The Advent “Electro 8.07 FM” (Tresor)
05 Deepchord “Sofitel (Processed)” (Soma)
06 CV313 “Subtraktive (Intrusion’s Road To Zion Dub)” (Echospace [Detroit])
07 STL “A Beautiful Mind” (Echospace [Detroit])
08 Dick Richards “Lichen” (Raum…Musik)
09 Intrusion “Intrusion Dub” (Echospace [Detroit])
10 Infiniti “Thought Process” (Tresor)
11 Marko Fürstenberg “Untitled 10″ (Artless)
12 Martin Schulte “The Fog” (Rare Noise)
13 Pendle Coven “Uncivil Engineering Calm Mix” (Modern Love)
14 STL “Checkmate” (Echospace [Detroit])
15 Deepchord “Stars” (Soma)
16 Studio 1 “Silber” (Studio 1)
17 Le Clic “Jack Is Whack (2000 and One Classic Cut)” (Wolfskuil)
18 Kotai + Mo “Bu” (Electro Music Department)
19 Deepchord “Tangier” (Soma)
20 CV313 “Subtraktive (Intrusion’s Twilight Dub)” (Echospace [Detroit])
21 CV313 “Sailingstars (Intrusion’s Reform)” (Echospace [Detroit])
22 Steve Roach “Ancestral Horizon” (Fortuna)

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