UV Podcast 009 – Scherbe Live @ Altes Wettbüro

„Hi my name is Sebastian aka Scherbe, I´m a house music producer and DJ from Karlsruhe/Germany. I moved to Dresden 3 years ago after finishing my examina in cultural sciences in Heidelberg.
My musical style is deep and slow and shuffling with dirty beatz and lot of sampling.
My first contact with housemusic from Dresden was via the Philpot and Running back releases of Dresden’s Break SL and Jacob Korn. This was just before I moved to Dresden and then surprisingly Uncanny Valley was founded and I knew from the beginning that I had to send them some trax of mine which led into my first release “Kill bill$” in spring on the UV010 EP…so thx for that!
I also release music as Scherbe and Citizen Funk (project with my old school mate and Bigbait-Labelowner Peter Clamat) on the deephouse label Bigbait Records from Karlsruhe and sometimes working on leftfield electronic experiments with artist/designer Marek Slipek from Mannheim as “High memory Area”.“
(Quelle / mehr: uncannyvalley.de)

Pünktlich zur postalischen Ankunft der neuen EP „Jardin Du Midi“, auf der sich Scherbe präsentiert, haut Uncanny Valley noch ein Live-Set aus dem Alten Wettbüro vom September diesen Jahres via Podcast von dem Herren raus. Das offizielle Release-Date der UV013 ist der 11.01.2013!

UV Podcast 009 – Scherbe live by Uncanny Valley Dresden

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